June 27, 1996

*These journal entries are unedited(except for names, where I use initials instead), taken straight from the pages of my past. Some moments I am happy to revisit, and some moments I feel ashamed to admit, but they are all the moments of my life, good bad or otherwise.*

My rear is in a state of discomfort unparalleled by any other annoyance that comes from sitting in a car for hours on end. 
Yes, this is my trip to Boston for a six-week dance camp.
Needless to say that I am very excited, but with music and eating the only forms of escape in this UN-airconditioned taurus station wagon, I could, quite possibly, develop an acute feeling of car fever. Oh I still love B.R. Aren’t I a geek?

I think I slept forever today. Once I dreamed that I had lost my voice and I was going to Nantucket with L. and her family. We saw K.R. and T. and E. on the way.  I finally got my voice back, but when I woke up I still tested it. WEIRD!  
The tape that J.T. made for me is GREAT. I feel like such a feel for not listening to it sooner.  Which reminds me – I gotta write him – I hope Cedars sends the address book – I have to write so many people – ah, promises, promises – insincerity at its peak!
I love my grandmother’s cynical humor. She absolutely cracks me up.  Too bad G. doesn’t enjoy her as much as I do! (I think…)
I need to curb my addiction for shoes and males!


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