August 6, 2013

*These journal entries are unedited(except for names, where I use initials instead), taken straight from the pages of my past. Some moments I am happy to revisit, and some moments I feel ashamed to admit, but they are all the moments of my life, good bad or otherwise.*

It’s 6am on Tuesday.  Awake to print sides for auditions, menus for immediate income job, and scan photos for Miss A doc. Meditation paramount. Really great conversation with E.B. last night – same boat as me in so many respects. Potentially a life-long friend. J.K. too – fun to see his smile back.

I’m really in love with L. right now. 

Singular focus: dance doc/Giselle 2015. 

You can do it, Trinity: FOCUS.

Love talking with S. and G. – exhausting all conversations in a good way!

S. loves “Blurred Lines” as I knew she would. SR. and J. amazing hosts – J. excellent work as DP – desire to make him full DP of the doc.

Inspired to greatness.


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