The Aftermath of Pilates

Woke up this morning feeling like I slept on my left side completely wrong. (Is that sentence grammatically correct?) I feel the pain shooting up the left backside of my neck into the lower cranial area of my head, and then I also feel it behind my left wing – meaning, my scapula.  It is as if the muscles surrounding my left scapula have been stretched in a new way, or worked in a new way, and they are none too happy about it.

I took my first hour-long Pilates class yesterday at the studio and LOVED it.  The aim of creating tiny movements, isolating certain parts of the body while letting the rest relax (I say “Letting” but really it is a struggle for me right now – everything wants to TENSE UP) is a wonderful physical and mental challenge for me.

Today, I have pointe technique and ballet technique on the schedule.  I will need to do an extensive foot warm-up before the class, along with some basic stretching and warming up of my whole body before I start with a pointe class.  I am letting my body speak to me about what it needs, and then weighing that against what I want to accomplish – sussing out when it is best to rest, and when it is best to push through to a new level.  I don’t think I considered any of this in my early career and training – it was simply a matter of “Just Do It” without recognizing what consequences might occur years later.

How in the hell do we warn younger dancers that the things they do now, they may not feel until they are much older?  It seems like a catch-22.



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