Tennis ball to the shoulder

I woke up this morning happy. As I meditated, it occurred to me to take the tennis ball lying near me (as there are several dance stretching implements always at the ready) and put it under my right shoulder, with me lying on my stomach.
It felt wonderful.  Like an uncomfortable itch finally being scratched. So many knots of varying sizes burrow within my upper body, especially in my shoulders, yet I have not felt the clear directive to release them until today. I think that things can happen when it is “time” for them to happen. Rolling through the knots within my right shoulder, feeling them slowly dissipate and melt away, I smiled with gratitude for a weekend filled with family, love, and trust.

I am interested to see how this exercise will affect my technique classes later today at the studio. Is this the beginning of a new release of energy?  Is it the next step in my evolution as a dancer?
Then again, maybe it’s just me and a tennis ball.



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