April 12: Ballet Class Notes


-felt okay about body image

– MCL on left knee feeling stronger, more stable

– able to do grand pliés & passés at the barre (both movements put too much pressure on the twinged MCL last week)

*be sure to keep on top of the timing. still fighting the habit of dancing just behind the tempo

*do more chaînés turns in slow format (taking one step in relevé with arms opening, hold the pose, keeping the focus with head turned toward direction of the turn) and then close the movement, repeating the hold and maintaining alignment, focus of spot, and overall position. This will help improve spotting for all turns

– awareness of upper body improved in my mind, meaning I can feel the difference in my improving alignment, rather than only noticing the difference when I see it in the mirror.

– better hip rotation in stretch exercise!  Hips are releasing, opening up

– better balance. Feet are spreading into the floor, toes spreading, creating a better foundation

*keep seeking solutions for how to maintain turn out in passé for pirouettes

– overall, I feel like I am making lots of progress.


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