June 6th Update

Woke up this morning inspired to head directly to the studio for Pilates and ballet class.  It felt really good to get the hips going on the mat with the Mikasa balls (if you don’t know what those are, watch my video “How To Fix Hyper-Extension“.

I noticed that my hips are feeling a little bit tight, but at the same time, they seem willing and ready to release far more quickly than they did a month ago.  I have put my June focus on turn out and obliques, and I think that this simple shift in mental concentration is taking effect.  I find myself opening into a lazy frog position while still snoozing in bed 20 minutes before it is time to get up, letting my hips open comfortably into the warm blankets and plush mattress – it’s a very relaxing way to start the dancer day.

My hamstrings directly below the glutes still feel a bit tender, yet they too seem to be surrendering to my improving alignment and gentle massage work which I try to do every day.

Getting into a solid fifth position felt easier in ballet class today.  Again, this is in thanks to the greater ease of hip mobility and rotation.  Plus, the muscles needed to hold the rotation are finally coming  to the party – hooray!

In cambré (sp?!) forward, backward, and around, my teacher noticed that I am still allowing the hips to run amok, creating tension in the spine and ankles as well as crunching the lower back, so this is a new problem to solve.

All in all, a good start to the week.  I hope to make tonight’s 7:30 class as well to do more work on turns and footwork.

I try not to think too hard about what awaits me in 7-9 months.  I try not to talk myself out of auditioning for all the great ballet companies with whom I desire to perform.  I let myself dream that I am a trailblazer who will break the rules and assumptions of quote-end-quote The Ballet World.  I breathe, smile, and enjoy the journey.  Onward!

#NeverGiveUp #NeverStopDancing.


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