Foot work, Barre work & Floor work – In The Studio with Ballerina Badass

I feel like all kinds of light bulbs are turning on in my body, as I discover different muscles I haven’t used in a very long time, if at all, to dance more effectively and efficiently – not to mention freely!! It is more than the just muscles, too. It’s proper alignment, it’s breath work, it’s stretching and releasing – it is so many, many elements that come together like pieces in an elaborate puzzle to make the cogs line up and work together to create ballet.

These are some clips from after class today – I did not have much time to warm up before class started (ugh – it really is important to do a thorough warm up before class, for me, in order to make better progress and avoid possible injury or soreness) so I did extra stretching and release work after class.

I’m sharing these clips with you as a testament to my progress thus far, about 4 months into my year-long training with my new ballet coach. I feel really good about myself, even though I wish I were further along. I remind myself that, while I could very easily have continued to “fake it” in ballet and gotten decent gigs here in Los Angeles as a dancer, it would eventually take it’s toll on my body, and I’d never have a shot at doing the professional, high-quality of classical ballet I love most.

I hope you enjoy these clips – the first is of my feet as I work through relevé and coupé, etc. the video is helpful for me to watch and see where my toes are going, when they grip or squish together in a way that is not effective, and when my ankle ligaments are over-working and/or tensing. All these observations are opportunities to improve.

The second clip contains some barre work in which I work on my developé side at a lower height, focusing more on alignment and rotation, passé balance, and some tendús in different positions.

Finally, I’m sharing a clip of my floor work as I play with choreography for a new YouTube video series I am planning, tentatively called “Telephone Ballet”. Basically, it’s the same concept as the game Telephone, but with dance steps instead of words. I’ll create a few phrases of movement, post them on the channel, and then other dancers can take the movement and rework it on their own bodies, then send their video back – I hope that we can do this, back and forth, and perhaps add on more movement each time, to create a kind of chain-letter effect with dance steps!

That’s it for now – I’m off to work on my next funny video to share with you all, and then back to the studio for Pilates. I hope you are all having a fabulous week!

Music for this video provided by YouTube Audio Library – There’s Probably No Time by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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