Head & Neck Alignment – It’s Back

Two days ago, I felt like I couldn’t do a damn step, and it was all due to my lost alignment – now, I am back in business.  It only took a couple of classes with my ballet coach staying on top of me (Georgia: lift up, Georgia: head in line, Georgia: lift through your neck, back and up, Georgia: feel the lift through your ears like an elf, Georgia: think “disdain”) and adding in a few special exercises that focus on isolating the head and neck movement, and it all came rushing back into place!  I did some of my best pirouettes ever last night.  I felt elated.

Now, I want to make sure I never lose this wonderful body placement again – even if I quit dancing when I am 99, I want this alignment to remain.

I keep reminding myself “embrace yourself as the professional ballerina you ARE.” I know that as I return to more stage work, I will feel the results of all of this minute, detailed, technical grind I do every single day.  Little by little.

As this month (June) draws to a close, my focus on Obliques and Turn-Out has been a wise choice. My frog stretch has improved dramatically, and I can feel and see a change in my overall leg shape and position in my dancing.  Also, the strengthening and stretching of my obliques has helped support my foundation as I work in passé, developé and cambré forward and back.  This is an exciting process for me.  Now that I am aware of how the “2 steps forward, 1 step back” principle works, I have an easier time of allowing my body to adjust at its own pace.  One day, my hips open further than ever before. The next day, they inch back a bit into their old habitual position. Then, a week or a month later, they open back up again even further, and they are now stronger in this new alignment.

I love ballet.


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