Happy July Goals! Back Flexibility, Head&Neck Alignment, & June Goals Wrap-Up with Ballerina Badass

Happy 4th of July, Dancers and Dance Fans!

June was a very good month of progress for me, with my focus being on Obliques and Turn Out – (check out the June Goals ballet vlog here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiIBnhZqUm8&index=11&list=PLnmvjZwgxUqkyI8sxmJpZ_HQM85WfOc2R)

Overall, I feel great about the progress I have made in both of these areas. Now, I must maintain my increased hip rotation. It is not enough to stretch in the frog. It is also important to understand how to USE my turn out in my dancing. For now, my actual “usable” turn out is far less than my “frog” turn out. However, as I continue to stretch and strengthen, working from a properly-aligned fifth position without compromising my feet, ankles and knees, these two versions of turn out (usable verses stretched) will come together. I hope!

And now, it is time for the July goals:

Back Fliexibility and Head-Neck Alignment!

My coach has been working with me since Day 1 to get my head and neck alignment fixed, and finally, 5 months later, I am starting to actually FEEL where it is supposed to be. However, since this is a very new feeling and a much different place from where my body wants to naturally align, it is going to take time for me to make it a comfortable habit. Also, this will probably be the first thing to go whenever I take time off from dancing – but, if I stay on top of it, whether in or out of the studio, I should be able to get the proper alignment back fairly quickly.

As for the back flexibility, this is something I have wanted to work on, but only now do I feel that the rest of my body is in a good place to take on such a goal. I will be doing various back flexibility and back strengthening exercises to increase my arabesque extension and enable a longer, stronger penché, among other things.

Thank you all for watching, as always! Be sure to drink lots of water this summer, stay hydrated, take good care of your pets, your families, and yourselves. Enjoy the journey!

Arabesque photo shot by #MichaelHelmsPhotography

Music provided by YouTube Audio Library:
“Eyes On You” by Network 415
“Messiah” by Handel
“You Had To Be” by E’s Jammy Jams

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