Ballet & Bunions: Part I & II

Hey Dancers and Dance Fans – AND BUNION FOLK!

I owe my Instagram friend Rachael a big thanks for inspiring me to make this video after she DM’d me, asking how I dealt with my bunions. Since then, it turns out there are a lot of people who suffer from bunions and want advice on how to make them better: how to ease pain, how to stop them from getting any worse, and whether or not surgery is an option.

I’ve had my bunions all my life, so I’ve gathered a lot of information, helpful tips, and great exercises to keep my feet happy while dancing. I hope this video will help you, dear friends, along with the following tools, articles, and resources:

Here is the link to an excellent article from Dance Magazine that I talk about in “Ballet & Bunions Part II”:

This article offers strengthening exercises to help overall body posture and support of feet, both very important tools for bunion survival.

Here is the link to the Dance Spirit Magazine article, which talks about surgery and how it does not mean the end of your dance career!

Now: another great resource I found was this YouTube Video by @ezvid called “10 Best Bunion Treatments 2016” about different bunion devices to put on your feet, which may help ease discomfort and promote realignment:

This video includes one of the devices I talk about in my own video, those weird bunion splints I put on my feet at night while I sleep. Here’s where you can get your own pair:

You can also find Therabands, soft therapy balls, and tennis balls on Amazon.

The lotions and ointments I like to use on my feet (which I just didn’t make time to go into during the video) are:
Petroleum Jelly – massage a small amount into the cuticles of your toenails to keep them from getting dry and brittle – also good on really tough callouses. While some callous is good, if it becomes too severe, it can crack really deep and cause bleeding. Ick.
Tiger Balm – this ointment is like IcyHot on steroids. It relieves pain in your muscles, but be careful to clean your hands thoroughly after applying – it is NOT fun to get this stuff in your eyes!
Arnica gel – this is a lighter balm that works great on sore muscles and bruises.
Essential Oil with Lavender – this is a favorite of mine, I like to use Aveda’s product line. It calms the senses while softening skin. Sprinkle a few drops in your foot bath.
Epsom Salts – the old standby for bathing – relaxes tense muscles and reduces inflammation in joints. Go look up “benefits of Epsom salts” and you’ll find a whole bunch of great reasons to put it in your bath.

That is it for now! I hope you enjoyed these videos, both Part I and Part II, and if you have more questions, or want to share your experience with bunions, be sure to comment in the box below.

Music provided by YouTube Audio Library:
“Gypsy Dance” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
“Eyes On You” by Network 415

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