When It Rains, It Pours

A quick check-in for today. Need to get dressed and go to the studio to warm up. My body responds much better in class when I have taken the time to prepare beforehand. Is that a “getting older” thing? Not for me – I always preferred to arrive at least an hour before class to get ready. I had a friend, Erika, who would waltz into the room just as barre was about to start, and she would dive right in. I wonder if her body ever rebelled on her? She made dancing look effortless – triple and quadruple turns without batting an eye, extension to the moon with zero stretching… and she was snapped up by a major company either before she graduated or right after. Anyway, I envied girls like her.
Today, my shoulders feel tight and sore. I worked a lot on posture yesterday, elongating my neck and rolling my shoulders back and down – I could feel a stretch in my neck on all sides from head down into trapezius. I will do some melting work with tennis balls today to see if some of the tension will release, being careful not to overdo it and exacerbate the problem.
Minor pull in my left foot metatarsals from stepping on my pointe wrong in class two nights ago. I felt over-tired. That is usually when injuries occur for me.
It feels much better today, almost back to 100%, since I iced, rested, and only did barre warm up yesterday. Fingers crossed, I’ll be back en pointe today without issue.
10 minutes til time to leave, must dress and do the hair.


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