How To Fix Blisters – Quick Tip with Ballerina Badass

Hey Dancers and Dance Fans!

Whether or not you dance, you may have experienced the joy of getting a blister on one of your toes (or one of your fingers, if you play guitar like I do – soooo much fun). I made this video to offer my personal approach to fixing a toe blister so that you can get back to dancing, running, or wearing those fabulous shoes as quickly and as safely as possible.

1. If you need to pop the blister, sterilize a needle or safety pin (I use rubbing alcohol) and puncture the blister on the SIDE, not the top. Gently press the liquid out of the blister, and do not remove any of the loose skin.
2. If your blister has already popped, try to salvage as much of the torn skin as possible, gently pressing it back into its original position over the affected area. This will help protect your toe and the skin will meld back into place, making a stronger callous. If you don’t want a callous, wait until the area has completely healed before you run to your nearest mani-pedi joint to have them pumice off the old skin.
3. Pour a little hydrogen peroxide over the area and let the magic bubbles do their work as they clean out the blister.
4. Once the area is dry, apply a little bit of Neosporin onto the blister and then apply a band-aid or toe tape/combination of both, whatever you prefer. I had a coach once teach me to tape over the blister directly and then leave that tape on for 7 days, don’t change it, leave it on in the shower etc. When I took the tape off 7 days later, the blister was completely healed. If you are more concerned about sanitary-ness, take the tape/band-aid off each night and let the toe air out while you sleep. It’s up to you, and depends on how bad the blister is, and/or what your threshold of pain may be…
5. Keep dancing and start applying Desitin to your toes each night BEFORE a blister can take hold. The Desitin will strengthen your callouses. Dab a very small amount onto each toe and gently spread it over the callous area. I like to put on a pair of socks to keep the Desitin from rubbing off as I sleep, or you can leave your feet outside the blankets, but I get too cold. I ALWAYS feel cold!

Where to learn more about Desitin:

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