Crunchy Munch’ems

As the New Year approaches, and I begin to prepare for company auditions, I am becoming a tad more mindful of the food I am eating on a regular basis. If I had my druthers, I would live on nothing but Coca-Cola, potatoes in all forms, macaroni and cheese, filet mignon, sushi by the platter-full, and jars of mayonnaise.  Yup. However, I realize that these must all be taken in moderation (especially Coca-Cola, which I know is the devil incarnate.  Alas, being born in Atlanta, I was addicted even before birth – my mother claimed that all she could eat when pregnant with me was spaghetti and Coca-Cola.) Anyway, this is one of my new favorite treats for an afternoon in between class and rehearsal.  It’s my own take on the crudité plate:

Chop up some chunks of celery, carrots, and radishes
Add a few bleu-cheese stuffed green olives
Finish with a big spoonful of homemade hummus (I like to blend one 16-oz. can of drained & rinsed garbanzo beans with a packet of Bush’s “Hummus Made Easy” sauce and a few teaspoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

And voilá! A tasty snack with protein, carbs, some good fats, and a lot of flavor.

Never Give Up. Never Stop Dancing.


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