Never Stop JAMMING! The Wee Trio in L.A. with Ballerina Badass

Hey Dancers and Dance Fans! Or should I say, JAM FANS???

I had to make a video featuring my good friend Dan Loomis and the badass jazz band “The Wee Trio” since they were in town performing for their latest album release “Wee + 3.”

My husband (@moovieboy) and I braved the torrential Southern California rains (translate: minor sprinkling) to drive downtown to The Blue Whale, a fabulous jazz club tucked away on the third floor of a shopping plaza. You’ve got to check it out – an excellent selection of drinks, beautiful, minimal décor that uses poetry as its panoply, and acoustics that bring out all the delicious sounds of the band at hand.

And last night, the band at hand was THE WEE TRIO!

Dan and I have been friends since 3rd grade, y’all. Seeing him accomplish his dream of becoming a working musician (not just working, but kicking major butt!) has been an inspiration for me for many years. I know it may sound silly to some, but it’s those friends you keep from childhood that you really treasure – they share a history. It’s magical (yes, Mrs. Getzschman, I said MAGICAL, and I don’t care if it’s not a real word! She was our English teacher in middle school, and I adore her).

TWT and I are planning to collaborate on a new piece of choreography to their music – I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS – so stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy this sampling of new music by an amazing trio of musicians, and go out and get their new CD! Also, be sure to follow them on all the social medias – @TheWeeTrio – they’re always up to something.

I searched my entire house and couldn’t find that one photo of Dan and I in Dance Club in high school – when I find it, I’ll be sure to post it. We were great friends, but we were too busy having a blast to take a bunch of photos – ah, those were the days.

Thank you all SO MUCH for watching!

MUSIC: All new compositions created by The Wee Trio, with special guest Josh Nelson.
James Westfall: vibraphone, marimba
Dan Loomis: bass
Jared Schonig: drums

Thank you, The Wee Trio, for making our date night EXTRA special!! From @moovieboy and @ballerinabadass, big hugs and best wishes for your continued success.

Additional Music for this video provided by YouTube Audio Library:
“Eyes On You” by Network 415

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#NeverGiveUp #NeverStopDancing
Georgia Reed


Side Note – the quote from e.e. cummings is an inside joke between me and Dan – he used part of it in a thesis paper in high school and I never forgot it.  Here is the poem in its entirety:

The Great Advantage Of Being Alive

e.e. cummings

the great advantage of being alive
(instead of undying)is not so much
that mind no more can disprove than prove
what heart may feel and soul may touch
—the great(my darling)happens to be
that love are in we,that love are in we

and here is a secret they never will share
for whom create is less than have
or one times one than when times where—
that we are in love,that we are in love:
with us they've nothing times nothing to do
(for love are in we am in i are in you)

this world (as timorous itsters all
to call their cowardice quite agree)
shall never discover our touch and feel
—for love are in we are in love are in we;
for you are and i am and we are(above
and under all possible worlds)in love

a billion brains may coax undeath
from fancied fact and spaceful time—
no heart can leap,no soul can breathe
but by the sizeless truth of a dream
whose sleep is the sky and the earth and the sea.
For love are in you am in i are in we

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