Behind The Curtain: Haunted Mansion Virtual Reality Shoot with Ballerina Badass

Hey Dancers and Dance Fans!

So, I wanted to share this “Behind The Curtain” virtual reality shoot with you that I did earlier in October. I wish I could have gotten more footage behind-the-scenes, but they weren’t too keen on it, and besides, I was too busy trying to stay warmed-up between takes and also choreographing movement on all of the models.
They combined models and dancers into this cool, creepy virtual reality video promoting a new fashion concept, and it was so much fun! The trick was to come up with movement that would work with the particular constraints of 360-degree cameras. Not easy. But, once we got the hang of it (by the way, moving on a line directly towards and away from the frame is much more effective than moving from side to side) we came up with some fabulous shots.
The location was Beckett Mansion in Hollywood. Super. CREEPY. This place was so run down and falling apart. Apparently, someone recently purchased it and is in the midst of renovations. However, it seemed like the place was being used for other purposes in the meantime. We found closets filled with beat-up mannequins and old dirty mattresses covered in red liquid (please don’t be blood!) along with random antiques and plenty of taxidermy.
My biggest advice to dancers out there planning to shoot on location, especially ballet dancers, is the following:
Bring your own snacks in case they only offer donuts and soda
Bring a Pilates mat to use as a safe “floor” to protect yourself and your feet
Bring lots of warm clothing
Only use shoes you don’t care about ruining – make sure your contract allots for extra pairs of shoes, if needed
Stay out of the way but also within earshot of the AD so you know when you need to be on set and ready
Thank everyone at the end of the day, including the PA’s and electricians – they all deserve it!
Make sure you stay on top of your monies. Sometimes they will try some “funny shtuff” and it’s helpful to have an agent and/or manager to help keep your affairs in order and the money flowing on time!

Big thanks to Karen and Soma365 for the opportunity to work on this project, and thank you to all the cast and crew for a great day!
Special thanks to my dancers Clinton Kyles and Lennon Hobson – y’all really do rock!

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and best wishes to all of you on your own endeavors as dancers/performers ☺.

Music for this video provided by YouTube Audio Library:
“Eyes On You” by Network 415
Ghost Processional by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
“Mad Science” (sting) – by MK2

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