Standing Leg & Stamina – November Goals with Ballerina Badass

Hi Dancers and Dance Fans!

How was your October? How was your Halloween? And, the big question, how did your October Goal(s) go?

I am happy to say that my goal of improving my turn-out (and actual use of turn out) went really well. I used the “Tips For Turn-out” pdf from which has all kinds of great advice from a certified professional named Lisa Howell. I highly recommend you check her out!

For November: my goals are Standing Leg and Stamina. As I’ve worked to improve the use of my turn-out, I’ve come to realize that a lot of times, I am more focused on the working leg than I am the standing leg, and without the awareness of what my standing leg is doing (is it continuing to lengthen, strengthen, and rotate to support my movement?) I am unable to make significant progress in my dancing. I am also building up stamina, not only for Nutcracker, but for 2017 in general. I have a lot of performances, auditions, and opportunities coming up that require sustained energy. So, I am doing things like adding in extra classes, repeating combinations 2-3 times on both sides, dancing my Sugar Plum Fairy solo and coda and other parts back-to-back-to-back without breaks, etc. This will require more support on my down-time too. A healthy diet, 8 hours of sleep, warm-up and cool-down time, and additional stretching/Pilates/yoga will be very helpful.

What are your November goals? Let me know in the comment box below, and happy holidays!

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“Eyes On You” by Network 415
“Lonesome Avenue” – The 126ers
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“Hands Way Up” – Gunnar Olsen

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  1. Hakan says:

    i am your fan in Turkey. i love you so much. please write me..


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