These Shoes Are Too Hard – Now They’re Too Soft!

I began yesterday’s rehearsal with a brand-new pair of Russian Pointe shoes, hard and un-molded to my feet. After a warm-up at the barre for 45 minutes, one run-through of Snow, Flowers, and Sugar Plum variation, they were almost too dead to get through the fouettés in the coda.  But, I asked myself, is it really the shoes, or is it my weak left ankle/foot?  If I strengthen the ankle and foot, will it be able to manage all steps with ease, no matter the condition of the shoe?  I think there is a happy-medium somewhere in there.

Breaking in performance shoes is an art unto itself.  Each pair is a bit different. The weather can effect them, the temperature of the studio, the current status of my physique… and yes, maybe I’m over-thinking all of it.


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