A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To A Double Pirouette

I’ve been working towards this moment for a year. Sure, I’ve done double pirouettes for most of my dancing life, even triples and the occasional quadruple.  But turns were never my fouetté (get it? Ha ha.)  However, tonight in class, as I started into the turn combo of repetitive pirouettes – seven sets of  consecutive double pirouettes from fourth position – on ONE of those doubles, I felt my DEEP-6 ROTATORS engage!!  That’s right: those tiny muscles way up under my butt decided to come to the party.  FINALLY. I felt them lock in and pull my leg back into a strong, turned out, beautifully-placed passé, and it made the turn SO MUCH EASIER.  That, combined with my new-found spotting technique, is going to take my turns to a whole new level.  I actually look forward to pirouette combinations these days.  Funny how that happens when you have the right tools to do the movement.


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