Yup, things get better when you give.

Woke up this morning and put on the war paint before starting my livestreaming “Pointe Shoe Party #6” on my YouTube Channel.  Just yesterday, I posted about anxiety and depression.  I got several concerned comments from loving friends and a phonecall from one in particular who reached out to make sure I am okay.  It meant a lot to me to feel the love coming from so many people who I do not often see beyond the confines of social media these days.  But, as I also said yesterday, one of the ways to fight through days of anxious or depressive states is to do something for others.  My mother and father taught me this from childhood, and it works.  I set up my computer this morning, turned on the Livestreaming software, and spent two hours talking about pointe shoes, ballet, anxiety, life, and more with fellow dancers and dance fans around the world.  It felt great.

I hope I was able to help a few people.  God knows they helped me, just by showing up and taking interest.  I felt useful.  I think this is something I value greatly: feeling useful.  This makes me feel loved.  I wonder what else I can do today to give back more to others?



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