Anxiety Rebalance: All the Answers You Need to Overcome Anxiety and DepressionAnxiety Rebalance: All the Answers You Need to Overcome Anxiety and Depression by Carl Vernon

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When I reached a point where it felt like my anxiety was overwhelming, I reached out online and searched through several different books before landing on this one. The word “Rebalance” stood out to me, as I believe that life is all about balance. And RE-balance. Because, inevitably, things WILL get out of balance from time to time. Someone once said to me that life is not about being perfect. Life is about FIXING. Things will go wrong, but it is how we react to these wrongs that will eventually set things right. Enter “Anxiety Rebalance.”
Carl Vernon’s voice is nice – that is an important element to me, as I often listen to books via He’s got what appears to be a British accent, and it is soothing. He also doesn’t BS – he seems to approach his listeners with a sense of respect and camaraderie. He’s been down this path himself, and he knows all the BS things people like to say to people suffering with anxiety. He goes through several of these BS things and helps you feel like, “No, you’re not crazy. This is manageable.” And no, the answer does not lie in a single-answer solution. Handling anxiety and overcoming its strangle-hold takes more than just one approach. And this is a good thing.
I think the greatest take-away I got from this book was that anxiety’s biggest trick is to make you want to THINK about how to SOLVE it; however, the very act of FOCUSING on the anxiety only causes it to GET WORSE. I know that seems counter-intuitive, but trust me: read the book, get some useful tools to add to your belt, and face your anxiety. It can be done. Thank you, Carl – oh yeah: bonus note to readers! He has a blog/website with ongoing content so you can continue to read more of his helpful writings on rebalancing anxiety. Very cool.

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