Netflix & Documentaries – AWESOME

I attended the #NetflixFYSEE event last night in Hollywood at the Netflix offices on Wilshire Boulevard.

What a treat.

I found out about the event through one of my favorite communities, the International Documentary Association.
There were Netflix employees waiting to help you find parking, ready to greet you on the elevator and at the entrance, and throughout the night, there were even more Netflix employees ready to take photos of you around the space, offer delicious bites of gourmet food courtesy of Nancy Silverton and Mozza Osteria (who, by the way, is the subject of one of the FANTASTIC episodes on the documentary series Chef’s Table.

After I got my glass (yes, a stemmed glass made of glass) of delicious red wine, I took a seat in the area where the panel discussion would begin in about 20 minutes. The folding chairs were set close together, but there weren’t more than a couple of hundred seats in the room, and not too many were reserved in the first few rows, so there really wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

We watched the four filmmakers take the stage: Ava Duvernay – 13th, Brian McGinn – Amanda Knox & Chef’s Table, Greg Whiteley – Last Chance U, and Ryan White – The Keepers. I was thrilled, because I had already watched 3 of the five documentaries mentioned. Although the panel lasted for just half an hour, it was 30 minutes filled with nothing but GOLD. The filmmakers talked about what brought them to the stories they told, their process, some of the challenges, what they learned, and above all, the wonderful way in which Netflix enabled them to create the stories they wanted to tell in the way they needed to tell them. I could go into detail, but I’d rather you wait for the release of the panel (hopefully they’ll post it on YouTube?) so you can watch firsthand. In the meantime, go watch the trailers for these powerful documentaries and be inspired:

The Keepers
Last Chance U
Amanda Knox
Chef’s Table

Above all, what I took away from this event was the hope that someday very soon, you and I and other artists reading this will have the opportunity to work with Netflix on their project and bring more life-changing stories to life. Thank you, Netflix, for putting on this fabulous event!


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